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    • Australian Grand Prix Dry
      By JackvanHees · Posted
      Hey Guys,   I'm new too this forum. I made allot of setups that I would like too share. I made "season pack's" for the Mercedes, Ferrari, and I'm working on the Red Bull. I uploaded them on too youtube, so wat is the best way too share them? May I share my channel link? Thanks guys!     
    • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Dry
      By Styx50 · Posted
      Ferrari – Abu Dhabi   Aerodynamics
      Front Wing Angle: 6
      Rear Wing Angle: 2 Transmission
      On Throttle: 80%
      Off Throttle: 80% Suspension Geometry
      Front Camber: -3.10
      Rear Camber: -1.60
      Front Toe: 0.14
      Rear Toe: 0.41 Suspension
      Front Suspension: 4
      Rear Suspension: 1
      Front Anti-Roll Bar: 8
      Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 6 Tyre Pressure
      Front Tyre Pressure: 18.4psi
      Real Tyre Pressure: 18.4psi Weight Distribution:
      Ballast: 6                                                           Fastest Race Lap: 1:42,515
    • Tire problem, help??
      By jciambelli · Posted
      I have this problem in the begining too...sounds obvious but, try to slow down in the corners,,,if you feels too much vibrations is a sign that you pushing too hard... and this cause the problem with the tyres. Sorry for my poor english...  
    • Next Gen Gammer Tags
      By AliD · Posted
      Platform: PS4 Gamer Tag: AliDinit Something about your settings is disallowing  me to add you mate
    • online league
      By AliD · Posted
      I'm game!?
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