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  1. Should be automatic
  2. Motorsport Manager is currently free to download and play, but only until Monday the 27th March. Or you can buy the game with 50% off. Steam Link
  3. Great patch has been released to the public, I have been playing the beta and it has made the game that little bit more enjoyable.
  4. We are looking at adding new games to our site. Please give us some suggestions and we will poll to see what you guys want most. James
  5. Hey Guys We are looking for bloggers who would like a platform to publish their work. We are looking at adding a section to our site for bloggers, this could also be a great place for you guys to post your F1 game season stories. Please message me if you are interested or have any questions. James
  6. My favourite time of the year, F1 season just about to start and some chat around social media about the upcoming instalment from Codemaster. After a solid foundation of next gen gaming from F12016 things can only get better from here. Please post your wish lists and I will send them off to the devs. Here's a few of mine. Create a team A manager side of the game Better weather conditions (Project Cars 2) DLC Tracks DLC Seasons form the past Safety car tweaks Marshals / trucks / moving retirements Formation lap tweaks (Became very boring after a few times)
  7. Done :0)
  8. I have been asked a few times how to make a mod for the Motorsport Manager Workshop, so here is the instructions from their website.
  9. A patch has been released to address tyre ware issues.
  10. Motorsport Manager has now activated its Workshop. Users can now mod their game.
  11. What's changed?- Improved weather simulation- Fixed car water spray appearing too early, it now appears when the track is wet enough for inters or wet weather tyres- Improved blue flag AI- Improved AI switching to intermediates and wets- Fixed a standings demotions bug relating to parts being banned- Fixed an issue where maximum performance was not being taken into consideration on new season car parts- Fixed initial game car stats- Fixed a bug where if practice ended with rain, the first screen that showed the race was also raining, even if the weather was sunny- Fixed an issue where changes to the livery were not reflected in race (still showed the default livery)- Fixed an issue where cars would repeatedly jump positions in standings without overtaking cars- Fixed an issue where if a driver won a race, but got demoted due to illegal parts being discovered, the social media still thought they had won.- Fixed issues with promise traits- Extra Wide screen support for car design screen- Fixed incorrect team orders commentary message where driver who is allowing the other to pass actually overtakes the other driver.- Fixed the triggering of the "Blag Flag" achievement- Fixed an issue where the safety car would sometimes not return properly to the pit- Fixed an issue where the celebrity dating trait thread had missing variables- Fixed instances where the financial graph stopped working- Fixed an issue where the 5% discount for the player financial background wasn't being taken into account when calculating whether or not the player could afford something - Fixed an issue where the chairman would expect unrealistic placement targets after a promotion- Fixed cars clipping underneath the pit floor in Black Sea- Fixed AI braking sharply when going past a car exiting the pits- Fixed Drivers giving opposite downforce feedback during practice- Added a lap counter for selected driver- Can no longer vote for a new race location if that location already appears twice in the race calendar- Fixed an issue where the chairman's happiness would decrease even if the race was won- Fixed an issue where the game music would stop after saving and autosaving- Removed redundant votes (e.g voting to increase qualifying time even if the series doesn't have qualifying)- Fixed an issue where the race would not end with two cars in the pitlane- Fixed multiple game crash bugs
  12. Front Wing: 17.8 Rear Wing: 27.8 Tyre Pressure: 21.0 Tyre Camber: -0.8 Gear Ratios: 50% Suspension Stiffness: 56%
  13. Front Wing: 16.0 Rear Wing: 26.0 Tyre Pressure: 22.2 Tyre Camber: -2.0 Gear Ratios: 69% Suspension Stiffness: 75%