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  1. Hi Werner. I have been racing I just haven't been participating in our forum. I hope you're well and we'll begin being more available. The Malaysia setup. Is it for a race for a time trial. I don't need time trial I need tire wear. I'm racing Legend and those guys don't screw around. Even though he is German I still don't like Nico rosberg. He is even an ass in this game. The game is fantastic and I'll try to keep up with you. It's very funny overtime I'm starting to adopt your setup Style. I don't know if you're a good or bad influence. Lol.

    My best to you my friend. 


    1. Styx50


      Hello Willie,
      glad to hear from you. I'm so far ok. Without the job, I'd feel better. But the money .....
      As you can see, I played F1 2016 for a while. The Car by Force India, was not so bad. But Red Bull, a great car.
      Maybe my setups fit your driving style.

      See you

      Keep Racing .........

  2. Between Styx, Envoy and bytecruncher26. ..I won't have to think again :)
  3. Indeed, sir, indeed.
  4. Couldn't wait to tell you. Changed nothing...124.345 Q3 P1 expert. Werner you're a star, my friend!
  5. Werner... my friend...your setup is great...its fast...its far faster than your times...its that good...keep racing superstar!
  6. Why is it that Ferrari setups work better for me on my AMG? aero:4-1 alingment change to 350-130. Ran 140.8 mix 2 prime scrubs...practice...will be a beast in the race!
  7. Thank you! How nice of you to say :)
  8. DUDE...if styx throws down a setup give it a shot....especially for 50 and 100% races. It's butter on hot glass baby
  9. These setups are all quite lovely. I'm qualifying Dry and racing on Wets. Now what's my set up for my AMG? God and Styx50 help me. :) Love, Willie PS: My mother always told me "Never leave the house without clean underwear and a reasonable amount of Down force."
  10. that's 60 mph...still too fast....that's really funny man....cruise control...ha ha
  11. tell them to make the track wider! this track is meant for the driver to show thier incredible skill...i have none so not hitting walls is Huge...now get back to your great setups :)
  12. my friend Styx50 has great setups. Not always the fastest, but smooth and very drivable. I'm doing 100% races and you need that! It's your job to make it fast. Lol...thanks again Werner.
  13. I didn't hit anything..In qualifying. ..except Hamilton. .."applause"
  14. Q3 124.662 with Red Bull. Excellent, Werner.
  15. I call the areas inside the straights "the inner loops". I guess any place that intentionally eats your tires.