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    Done !
  2. HI

    Hi Saturn mate forgot to mention I play on pc do you ? I'm also in the U.K. (London) it would be nice to have a few races with you,I'll add you on steam,and thanks for the reply
  3. HI

    Hi all just joined your forums as I'm always nicking James,s setups for my car so thought it would be polite to come say hello at last (Thanks for the 2015 setups as well James lol) Was wondering if anyone could help me,i only play time trial really as I've got no one to go online with, and every time I do well....its a nightmare I like to play fair and respect the other car that I might find my self behind as I'm sure you guys are well aware others on line don't really do this and seems like I'm playing banger racing lol As it seems you guys over here take it seriously, I was wondering could I join some of you online some time ? Do you have your own server or is there any team places going, I play on a G27 Logitech but hoping to upgrade soon to a G29 Hope this don't seem weird lol I'm not weird just want to go online with some proper players My steam name is J1mb0124 I'm also on skype Many thanks hope to see you on the battle field some time soon