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Found 1 result

  1. We will soon be announcing our 8th season calendar so if you want to join us just register to be a member now and we'll be in touch once dates are decided We pride ourselves on honest and reliable racing for all levels of players. Our championship is extremely fair and realistic, challenging the beginners to the very best. After numerous successful championships that provide exhilarating racing, our reputation for being a down to earth championship is very important to us. At F1 Ts Hub we believe that racing isn't just about being quick over one lap on a simulated game. We believe in creating a community and reaching high levels of driver involvement. We are very unique here at F1 Ts Hub because we offer the chance for drivers not just to race, but to live the life of a real F1 driver. We have carefully tried to simulate the normal race weekend that a driver goes through in real life and give that to you for your enjoyment. The level that we do this is not like any other league out there and we highly recommend all our drivers to take part in this. Don't miss out on a fantastic opportunity to become part of this exciting championship and community. Using the F1 games(PS4) we can give you the chance to improve your hot lap pace and consistency through a competitive championship. Drivers turn up each week not necessarily to win the race, but to battle with their rivals who are close to their current pace whilst others race with their competitors.