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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone,Dynamic Racing League is looking for drivers to complete its grid. The league will be open to everyone, as long as you want to have fun and respect the other drivers. All assists will be allowed (except for braking). Races will be on 50% distance and will be held every Tuesday.Hurry up because there's only a few seats left.For detailed infos, you can contact me or everyone else on the faceboook page: you on the track,Roberto
  2. Does anyone have suggestions for the Wheel Settings for the Thrustmaster T150? I bought it yesterday and I use it on PS4! - Steering Deadzone - Steering Linearity - Steering Saturation - Throttle Deadzone - Throttle Saturation - Brake Deadzone - Brake Saturation And FFB ( Force Feedback) ? Thanks, greetings from The Netherlands!
  3. Which faster on wheel? Tradition controll off or medium?
  4. Hallo zusammen, wir suchen noch faire Fahrer für unsere Fairplay-Liga auf der PS4! Zurzeit 16 von 22 Plätzen besetzt! Alle Infos, Regeln, Termine etc. auf! Bei weiteren Fragen gerne unter PSN "GERIGraf" Fragen
  5. Looking for some friendly racing? Or a team mate to co-op season? post your PSN ID and what system you are play on so others may add you for some good racing!!!